“I have been presenting the work of my organisation formally to a broad audience for many years, but was completely out of my comfort zone at the Ribble Valley Business Awards. Karen’s advice and guidance was invaluable; lots of helpful tips on how to calm the nerves and present clearly – she provided a helpful rehearsal and even reviewed and edited my speech for me. I thought I would be saying ‘never again’ but thanks to Karen I wouldn’t hesitate to put myself forward next year.”

– Denise Partington, Community Futures

“Karen’s speaking workshops are fantastic. Just a few months after attending, I delivered a short presentation to over 100 people with confidence and flair.”

– Joanna Marshall


“For anyone wishing to ‘find/develop their voice’ as a speaker – whether that’s presenting to a large audience or influencing and advocating more powerfully in meetings – Karen’s training is enormously confidence-building. Structured, thought-provoking & very practical and interactive, Karen shares tools and techniques which allow you to build confidence and skill in a safe environment. Karen is fun, warm, smart and a highly experienced trainer – I would heartily recommend her!”

– Kimo Morrison

“I attended the Speaking Club training with three like minded people I hadn’t met before. I found the training structured and friendly, introducing techniques to hold an audience and get your point across. Constructive criticism and encouragement from people pursuing the same goal was very helpful in a small group.
Karen made the sessions interactive and interesting. Public speaking comes easier to some more than others, but it is a skill that can be learnt. I would absolutely recommend this course to build confidence and communicate effectively.

– Leonie Millard

“I highly recommend Karen to help with building confidence and poise when speaking in a formal situation. I was a teacher for the best part of a decade and I had no problem speaking in front of a class full of teenagers but I felt out of my comfort zone when I joined a business networking group and had to speak in front of established business people. Following Karens advice has helped me feel much more confident in my change of career.”

– Laura Ridings

“I attended Karen’s speaking course in 2017 together with a small group of like-minded business women. Thanks to Karen’s warm and personal approach, and the relaxed setting, we all quickly became friends, and shared with each other the highs and lows as we progressed on our public speaking journeys. Personally, the course helped me go from stammering and blushing even when having to speak to a few people about my company, to feeling confident enough to pitch our business on the stage at a global competition. Karen’s approach is to break up public speaking into a formula that anyone can follow, and uses her own journey as a source of inspiration. I highly recommend the course!”

– Samantha Kitchen

“I attended Karen’s Speaking Club in 2017 and not only enjoyed the sessions but I now have a framework that I use whenever I have to make a presentation. It was a very supportive environment in which to try new ideas and in a short space of time I learnt some very valuable lessons. I would definitely recommend Karen as a speaking coach.”

– Leonie Millard