About Me

Karen Hands

Enjoying the garden I designed, built and planted myself.

As a speaker, coach and consultant, I draw on a life of success and disappointment, of taking some risks and dealing with challenges. This is what informs my professional practice.

My career began in a man’s world of the chemical industry, as a graduate process engineer and project manager. After taking redundancy, I switched to working predominantly with women in settings such as retail, hospitality and the voluntary sector, when I also acquired entrepreneurial skills. I’ve been running my own training and coaching business since 1998 while building an active portfolio of quality improvement projects, organisational development,  team leadership and board experience. Intelligent, versatile and creative, I enjoy this way of working.

My qualifications include management and leadership, coaching and mentoring; but what’s written on paper is probably less important than the personal qualities I offer my clients:

  • an empathy based on having ‘been there too’;
  • the capacity to say what matters, to add value to what you’re thinking, in a way that showcases what I teach about women making a greater contribution to decision-making;
  • a science-trained head sitting on customer service-skilled shoulders, which helps me to ‘get’ what you need quickly, to develop your skills at the right pace for you.

Outside of work, I sit on the board of governors at Wakefield College and I enjoy cycling and gardening.

Let me help you nurture female talent, whether you’re the woman in question or the organisation in need of women’s skills, experience and different perspectives on business. It’s well-documented that diverse boards lead more successful companies and I can help to inspire change at every level to enable your transformation.

Karen Hands