We provide a range of services to ensure that individuals, teams and Boards can perform effectively and well:

  • Coaching and mentoring
  • High-level facilitation and problem-solving
  • Board Advisory and Non-Executive Director roles.

Coaching and mentoring

Comprises a 1:1 service to help you build on strengths and overcome problems. Coaching might be aligned with a wider Board-level intervention or it could come from a personal need, for example working through a pivotal moment that impacts on your career prospects and plans. We have a special focus on women leaders including a programme of training and coaching to overcome speaking nerves, so as to help you find your voice in business.

High-level facilitation and problem-solving

Strategic input for when you need to refocus the vision, values and objectives of your company, department or team. Benefit from our practical approach using creative processes to motivate and engage the right people in solving the problems you face as a business. Use our independent perspective to fully understand the issues and then gain traction on the issues that hold you back.

Board Advisory and Non-Executive Director roles

For SMEs who have reached the stage of needing more formal structures and governance. Board Advisory work typically helps you to clarify and communicate your vision, values and goals, then establish regular Board meetings to hold your executive team to account. This process also enables us to do our due diligence on you, so that we’re in a position to consider taking up a Non-Executive Director role if this is the right outcome for your company.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements in confidence.