I help women to achieve their potential through coaching and I help organisations to support talented women through consultancy services. In so doing, I draw on my breadth and depth of experience in speaker training, teamwork coaching, project and line management and operating at board level. I’ve worked in the chemical industry, with transport infrastructure, in the voluntary sector, education, banking, retail and hospitality, and with numerous accountants and solicitors from trainee to partner level. We’re all different and yet I see recurring themes in what holds women back: learnable skills and behaviours which can be changed when there’s a will to do things differently.

Coaching sessions can be face-to-face or online, one-to-one or in small groups. Online solutions such as Skype can help to build knowledge and understanding, even though skill development needs practise in a supportive environment which is best achieved in person.

Consultancy work also demands a flexible approach which can include strategy workshops; information-gathering through focus groups and confidential interviews; facilitated problem-solving; and coaching and mentoring for individuals. I draw on my experience as a non-executive director to provide a role model for women taking their seat at the board table for the first time.

Additionally, I can engage and inspire audiences of women and men through public speaking. I want more businesses to embrace female perspectives in their decision-making at every level and I want more women to express what they really think. I start by speaking up for myself!

Please contact me to discuss your requirements in confidence.